Our Restaurant is closed. We will be transitioning to offering our world famous and delicious Vegan Sausages online in 2020. Please visit our page often for updates. In the meantime check out our store for current offerings like t-shirts! Thanks for your continued support and interest – Tristan Gittens, founder of Frankinbun.

Frankinbun DDD from Tristan Gittens on Vimeo.

From Food Network: “Stop by Frankinbun for one of the best vegan dishes Guy has ever had. The meat-free hot dog is crafted from brown rice flour, black eyed peas and aromatics and then topped with a dynamite house-made chili. Plus, try their handheld version of chicken and waffles which consists of Bavarian chicken apple sausage surrounded by a crisp waffle shell served with maple syrup.”